Album #135 – We’re Only in It for the Money

Album #135

I did not dislike this album as much as I thought I would. First of all, Zappa does cuss on some of the album’s tracks and drops the F-bomb a few times. That surprised me because F-Bombs were not common on records from this era of recorded music. Secondly, I enjoyed the humor. Zappa showed that the hippies were just another fad. One lyric that really grabbed me went something like “Policeman, I’ll still love you while you are beating my face in”. That sums up the hippy movement for me after having listened to this album. The music was awesome from that time but, the era now seems overrated. This album made me understand why the late 1960’s were so messed up. I was not freaked out by this album either. I still think that Zappa was a hypocrite but I enjoyed this album. It was different from all the other albums released during this time. It is just one long, continuous piece of music. Being pretentious as an artist, to me, now comes in the form of Laura Nyro. She is my definition of pretentious. Before the album challenge, I felt Zappa was that way too. Now, I think he was just a little bit pretentious but, he was just having a bit of fun and making fun of how crazy society was. He was also being somewhat creative and trying to push the envelope. Sometimes, I think Zappa made his music weird on purpose. Overall, I give this album4 out of 5.

Next: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere by Neil Young (featuring Crazy Horse)!!!!

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