Album #136 – Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Album #136

Ahhhhh!!! Neil!!! I love this album. It took me awhile to like all of it’s tracks though. Two years ago, Young came to Saint John and performed live. It was a great show and it made me become an even bigger Neil Young fan. This album was his second solo album and first with his on-again/off-again backing band Crazy Horse. The album rocks all the way through. The two longest tracks on the album took the longest for me to love. Young played Cowgirl In The Sand at that concert and I started to like the song even more than I did before. Down By The River brings back some painful memories. I was playing drums in a band with friends and we wanted to enter in the talent show so we decided to play Down By The River. I was chosen to be the singer because we did not have one. I was horrible (and that is just not me being humble). Needless to say, we did not get into the talent show. My singing voice was and is still horrible and for a few years afterward I would think back to when I was singing that song whenever I would hear Down By The River on the radio. I could not listen to that song all the way through or even at all because of that. The concert changed that. Whenever I hear the song now, I think about Neil Young’s awesome performance that he gave in my hometown. All of those bad memories are gone. The rest of the album is even more awesome. There is a definite Country Rock sound on this album and that would be something Young would experiment with on his next several albums. Crazy Horse also became a constant and they are one of my favorite rock and roll bands. All this songs are good and amazing and they are also well written. If you want to get into Neil Young, this is the place to start. His self-titled debut album is a stark contrast to this and is not a good starting point. I really enjoyed this album and it went by too fast!!! Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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