Album #139 – Crosby, Stills & Nash

Album #139

This is the first album from one of my favourite super groups of all-time!!! CSN was the first super group of the singer-songwriter era. This album has influenced the sound of 70’s soft-rock and singer-songwriters. Without this album, The Eagles, America and others would not have sounded like they did. Singer-songwriters such as James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Carole King would not have been as popular as they were. This album changed music for the better. CSN had only been together a few months when they released this album. Their performance at Woodstock was only their second performance together and is legendary. This album is very mellow. It showcases the differences in songwriting between its three members very well. David Crosby was in The Byrds and Stephen Stills was in Buffalo Springfield with Neil Young. Those two bands have already been on the list and Stills and Crosby have certainly developed as songwriters and singers. Graham Nash was in The Hollies before joining this super group. The Hollies are unfortunately not on this list. They were more of a singles group which became popular during the British Invasion of the mid-1960’s. Nash sang on two of their big early hits, Carrie-Anne and On A Carousel. This is considered by myself to be one of the best musical pairings in music. Their harmonies on record are beautiful and unique. They have influenced countless singer-songwriters and bands including Fleet Foxes. This album is a must listen because it sounds great and is relaxing. Some of the songs on this album have a profound meaning for the songwriter. For example, Suite: Judy Blue Eyes was written by Stills about his relationship with folk singer Judy Collins. Others such as Helplessly Hoping and You Don’t Have To Cry show off the group’s beautiful three part harmonies. Lastly,Lady of the Island is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. That is what makes this album so special. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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