Album #144 – Abbey Road

Album #144

This is one of my favourite Beatles albums and the first album of their’s that I ever owned. The album cover is iconic. The crossing outside Abbey Road Studios in London is always filled with tourists trying to recreate this album cover and they are simultaneously pissing off local motorists. This album cover is to blame. The music is great on this album. I have grown to like all of it’s songs. What I particularly love is that there are two melodies at the end of this album: The Abbey Road Melody and The Golden Slumbers Melody. I have heard both melodies played in their entirety on the radio once. It was a great feeling to hear it all the way through on the radio like that. It sounds so good and represents the change that was happening in music. Albums were becoming works of art and one piece of music. The songs were all woven together. This album contains three of their biggest hits: Come Together, Something and Here Comes The Sun. The latter two are two of my favourite songs ever. Something, in my opinion, is the ultimate love song. Harrison captured love and his feelings so beautifully. Here Comes The Sun is one of my favourites because of its mood. It is such a feel good, happy song. This album was their last proper studio album and they knew how to end a phenomenal career. Their message on the second last track called “The End” sums up The Beatles philosophy: “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”. What a powerful way to end one of the greatest records of all-time. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

Next: Tommy by The Who!!!!

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