Album #145 – Tommy

Album #145

This album is another classic and influential album. This album is a rock opera and it was eventually turned into a movie and musical. I prefer this album. It captures the power and musicianship of this band with Pete Townshend’s brilliant songwriting. I love how the melodies to many of the songs are recurrent throughout the album’s tracks. They who would do this again on Quadrophenia. I do not really have much to say about this album. It is a story and each song goes into the next. It is much like an opera or a musical. It is a story set to music. I find that the film and the musical diluted the quality of this work. The great performances of Tommy are when they toured and played the whole album in concert. They played Tommy at Woodstock and The Isle of Wight. Roger Daltrey singing See Me, Feel Me as the sun is rising on the Woodstock Festival is one of the highlights of Woodstock. The tour for Tommy is one of my favourite tours of all-time. I wish I could have been alive to see it. The Who rocked and rolled through the whole show. They played some of their old hits, then they played Tommy in it’s entirety. They ended the show with a few more well-known hits including: My Generation and Magic Bus. Live at Leeds: Deluxe Edition captures the tour and its set list perfectly. Their Isle of Wight performance from 1970 also showcases their sound. That performance was released on CD and DVD. The members of The Who had their own uniform during that performance: John Entwhistle wore a skeleton suit, Pete Townshend wore a white jumpsuit, Keith Moon wore a tight T-Shirt and jeans and Roger Daltrey wore an Indian-like shirt/jacket with jeans.  The Who gave it so much more power live and I find that nothing else including movies and musicals could have done that. Tommy was meant to be performed by The Who, live on stage. The Who were at their musical peak. It would not be until 1971, that The Who would really kick ass and make my favourite album of all-time, Who’s Next. Without Tommy, there would not have been a Who’s Next. Highlights include: Overture/It’s A Boy, Underture, We’re Not Gonna Take It (not a Twisted Sister cover and far better), Pinball Wizard, Tommy Can You Hear Me?, Amazing Journey/Sparks, Christmas, 1921 and I’m Free. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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