Album #147 – Odessa

Album #147

I was slightly disappointed by this album. This is not The Bee Gees you know and love. They are trying to sound like a mix of folk-rock and Baroque Pop. In my view, they were not successful. This album was very boring and predictable. I missed what they sounded like a few years prior to this album’s release with monster hits such as: To Love Somebody and Massachusetts. They should have stuck with a soul-based sound instead of trying to sound like The Beatles and The Zombies. Robin and Barry Gibb dominate this album vocally. Barry even uses his trademark falsetto on one of the album’s tracks. But, he does not sound like a woman yet. I do comend them for attempting to make a critically acclaimed album. I did not see it that way. The Bee Gees are always a band that makes great singles and they have written great songs for other artists. I just found this album to be dull, predictable, boring and overrated. Overall, I give this album 3 out of 5.

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