Album #149 – Let It Bleed

Album #149

This is my favourite Rolling Stones studio album and the first studio album of their’s that I ever bought. It is a great album from start to finish. The Stones explore mostly blues and country on this album. The Stones, through their friendship with Gram Parsons, would help bring country rock to the mainstream. But, they also mix in American Blues and they even covered a Robert Johnson song (Love In Vain). This album also marks the beginning of Ry Cooder’s involvement with The Rolling Stones. He plays mandolin on Love in Vain and many say that he shaped The Stones’ sound during that time. He also supposedly taught Keith Richards how to play bottleneck slide guitar. Cooder and Parsons were also going to join The Stones at one point. That, unfortunately, never happened. Cooder would record an album, called Jamming With Edward, during the sessions for Let It Bleed with several members of The Stones. That album is unofficially considered a Stones album. This album is the second of four albums that really showcase this band’s musical talent. It starts and ends with two of their biggest and most resonant hits: Gimme Shelter and You Can’t Always Get What You Want. The album also contains a country/acoustic blues version of Honky Tonk Woman called Country Honk. That version also has lyrics that differ slightly from Honky Tonk Woman. The rest of the album’s tracks are a delight to the ears. They include: Monkey Man, You Got The Silver (featuring Keith Richards for the first time on lead vocals), Midnight Rambler, Let It Bleed and Live With Me. This album showcases a side of The Stones that many had never seen up until this point. This album showed not only how good they were as musicians but also how far they had come musically. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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