Album #153 – The Velvet Underground

Album #153

This album has officially become my favourite album by The Velvet Underground!!! It is their first studio album after John Cale’s departure and it is very different in sound from White Light/White Heat. Lou Reed made a conscious effort to make this album different in sound from the previous album. The result is a laid back sound with some really rocking tracks as well. Pale Blue Eyes is one of my favourite songs of all-time. It is on this album. I love the opening lines to that song: “Sometimes I Feel So Happy. Sometimes I Feel So Sad. Sometimes I Feel So Happy but mostly you just make me mad”. This song captures brilliantly, just like Venus In Furs, how brilliant a songwriter Lou Reed was and still is. He can capture emotion and feeling like no other. Those words may be simple but sung by Reed with that mellow arrangement capture beautifully the emotion and feelings that are bottled up in that song. Lou Reed is great writing songs about dark and mysterious things and situations. Pale Blue Eyes is a strong example of that. Other favourites from this album include: Candy Says, Jesus, What Goes On and That’s The Story of My Life. The only tracks I did not like on this album were: The Murder Mystery and After Hours. But, being The Velvet Underground, they could not fully leave their experimental roots behind. I was pleasantly surprised with this album and I recommend this album to anyone who wants to get into The Velvet Underground along with their first album. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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