Album #154 – Happy Trails

Album #154

This album basically contains two long form suites that take up both sides of the album. Side 1 consists mostly of a cover of Bo Diddley’s song Who Do You Love? with a jam section in the middle. The five middle tracks on side 1 each have a different title and they all end with You Love. It is a continuous jam and it reminded me of The Grateful Dead. I do not know why they gave the middle tracks on Side 1 distinctive names. It is kind of funny but they would have been better off just making the whole 25 minutes a cover/jam of Who Do You Love. Side 2 is another suite that kicks off with another Bo Diddley song Mona and goes into two instrumental jams written by this group’s members. Side 2 ends with a short cover of Roy Rogers song, Happy Trails. I really enjoyed this album. Quicksilver Messenger Service are from San Francisco and came out of the same scene as The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. While those groups were more successful, Quicksilver Messenger Service have been forgotten. They only had one major hit in 1970 called Fresh Air but by then some of the original members were gone. In 1969, they sounded better than The Dead. This album sounds like what The Dead would sound like a couple of years after this album was released. The album was also partially recorded live at San Francisco’s Filmore West and New York’s Filmore East. Both of these venues were owned by legendary rock promoter the late Bill Graham and they were meccas of live music in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Many live concerts were recorded there during that time and released. There were also many legendary performances as well. That is the one thing I love about the late 60’s: Awesome live music was being made. This album is definitely one I will be adding to my collection. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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