Album #155 – Led Zeppelin (I)

Album #155

Ahh, memories. This album reminds me of Grade 9 and 10 in high school. My friends, most of whom read this blog, and I were all listening to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd during high school. We were this big group and we loved great classic rock. We even formed a Rock Club when my friends were in grade twelve and I was in grade eleven. Those years were filled with some great times and Zeppelin was the sound track. Zeppelin’s first five albums are on the list and I am so excited to relive those memories of high school. I have not listened to those albums in several years as my musical tastes have changed. It will be nice to get into them once again. This album has been called by many including Jimmy Page, the album’s producer, to be a live album. It is a live album with some overdubs but it clearly represents Zeppelin’s live show at the time. Many critics at the time dismissed this album and their reviews were not favorable. I find it hard to believe that the critics did not like Zeppelin at the time. I guess it is because Zeppelin are considered legends. Zeppelin was not doing anything new. They were playing mostly blues covers in a hard bluesy style. Cream, The Yardbirds and Jimi Hendrix were all did or were doing the same thing. I think critics were harsh towards Zeppelin in the beginning because of this and because of the fact that they were comparing Zeppelin to their predecessors, The Yardbirds. Zeppelin were not The Yardbirds, they were different. It just took the music press awhile to catch on. From start to finish, this album rocks. I can remember playing it in the car on the way to a doctor’s appointment and my mother and siblings telling me to turn it down and saying that Robert Plant was not singing but screaming. It made me mad and ashamed. Now I just laugh. I learned you cannot force people to listen to the music you like and that Robert Plant’s voice is not for everybody. A good friend of mine in high school, who reads the blog, referred to Robert Plant as a male Janis Joplin. I agree. Plant in those days was manic and insane on stage. He would change somewhat later in his career but back then he seemed to be invincible. The whole band was. This album is a great starting point because it captures the beginnings of one of rock music’s greatest bands. Zeppelin’s legacy still lives on today. And while I don’t listen to them as much anymore and their music is somewhat cliche, it still resonates with me to this day. I look forward to revisiting the rest of Led Zeppelin’s albums on the list again. Ahhh….memories. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

Next: The Band’s self-titled second album

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