Album #157 – Led Zeppelin II

Album #157

Led Zeppelin has returned!!! Their second album is more accessible than the first. No long jams here. Zeppelin just rock out. I knew all of the songs off this album even before I bought it. I can only say that about one other Zeppelin album. You will have to wait to find out. This album differs from the first because most of the songs here are the brand of hard rock blues Led Zeppelin are known for. Thank You is the album’s only mellow track. It is among my favourite Zeppelin songs. It marks Zeppelin’s continuation into exploring folk music. They were a blues hard rock band but because of Robert Plant’s musical background, which consisted of playing and singing in folk bands, Zeppelin included their fair share of folk-influenced songs. What Is And What Should Never Be is Zeppelin experimenting with the Quiet loud Quiet dynamic that bands such as Nirvana and Pixies would become famous for. On this song, the verses are very quiet and mellow but, all of a sudden the chorus becomes loud and bluesy. The same goes for the track’s guitar solo. This track proves that Zeppelin were ahead of their time musically. The rest of this album is heavy blues rock at its finest. There is only one song that I dislike on this album. That song is Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman). Many Zeppelin fans I know dislike this song and it is usually played back to back on Classic Rock stations with the song that precedes it, Heartbreaker. When Heartbreaker comes to a crashing finish, I always cringe because I know what will be next. Other than Living Loving Maid, the album is a rock masterpiece. It rocks and rolls from beginning to end. This is the Led Zeppelin that I know and love. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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