Album #161 – Happy Sad

Album #161

This album was different than I expected. I am familiar with Tim Buckley but, only through his son, the late Jeff Buckley. Many people have said that Tim and Jeff had a similar style. I did not see it here. What I did see was a jazzy folk sound. It was somewhat laid-back and boring at times. Vocally, Tim Buckley reminds me of David Crosby. This album is very different from his first two albums. I am going to listen to them at some point just to see what they sound like. I did like some of the album’s tracks. Even though there were only six and a couple were longer than ten minutes, there was some good music on this album. My favourite songs are all of side two of this album: Dream Letter (supposedly about his ex-wife and his son Jeff), Gypsy Woman (reminds me of Donovan’s Season of The Witch and this song is the best long cut on the album) and Sing a Song for You. I also liked Buzzin’ Fly. The other two tracks were out of place but I can see their jazz influences. Strange Feelin is supposedly influenced by the Miles Davis song All Blues from the album Kind of Blue. All Blues was a song that took me a while to like. That track will probably be the same. Love from Room 109 at the Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway) is unique because it has ocean noise in the background to supposedly drown out the electric humming noise. I found this track to be way too long. If it were shorter, I probably would have liked it. I also listened to half of this album when I was half asleep, which explains why I liked side two better. But, I do appreciate Tim Buckley’s unique approach to folk music and the singer-songwriter. Overall, I give this album 4 out of 5.

Next: The Chicago Transit Authority’s self-titled debut album (a.k.a. Chicago!!)

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