Album #165 – Hot Buttered Soul

Album #165

Henry Rollins has called this album in interviews one of his favourite albums and the album that got him into music. When I got to this album, I knew that was a great deal to live up to. I respect Rollins for the most part and knew he was right on about a large amount of music I liked. The first three songs on this album are really good. The first track, Walk On By, is very upbeat and has a bit of a latin feel to it. The next track, Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic, has an infectious chorus in which the female backing singers sing the track’s title. It was the only track co-written by Hayes. The chorus kind of reminded me of Adele’s song, Rumour Has It, from her new album 21. The third track, One Woman, was ok but I was listening to it vaguely. It was in the background. And then, something magical happened. The final track is an amazing cover of Jimmy Webb’s By The Time I Get To Phoenix. This song was a massive hit for country singer Glen Campbell. Hayes decided to cover it on this album. He starts off the track by explaining why he chose to cover it and he talks about what he thinks are the events that lead to the writing of the song. And then, he starts singing the song. He sings it with so much emotion that you think he wrote it. I was amazed and happy that a song written by a country songwriter could turn out to be so soulful and emotional. That cover sealed the deal for me. It is probably one of the best covers I have ever heard. Of course, Hayes is more known for his role as Chef on South Park and his theme to the movie Shaft. Sadly, he died a few years ago but his memory still lives on. Hayes should be known for this album too. I am glad that somebody such as Henry Rollins can at least talk about how good this album is. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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