Album #166 – Live/Dead

Album #166

I really enjoyed this album. I did not expected it to sound the way it did. This is the start of The Grateful Dead’s venture into being a jam band. This is something that they would continue doing until Jerry Garcia’s death in 1995. This album reminded me so much of their live album, Europe ’72. The jams on this album are great. They love to do different things and create different moods on each track. Jerry Garcia’s solos are unique and, in my opinion, the start of something incredible. There are some tracks that are really mellow, others are really upbeat. I really enjoyed St. Stephen (better and more funky than the album version) and Turn On Your Love Light. Turn On Your Love Light reminded me so much of their song, One More Saturday Night. It had the same vibe. Turn On Your Love Light was like a party on stage. The Grateful Dead were great a creating that mood in their live shows. There was even a track called Feedback which was basically the use of feedback to produce musical sounds. It was surprisingly fun to listen to. It has been said by many that The Grateful Dead never played a song live the same way each time. I believe it. This album was not as weird as I was expecting it to be and it is just classic Grateful Dead. Most of this album was recorded at The Filmore West and was not overdubbed. Their next live album Europe ’72 would be. This is live and in the flesh and that makes this album special. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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  1. Just a fyi, there was a live album between this and Europe 72 – Skull and Bones

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