Album #170 – Liege and Lief

Album #170

This album is the third of three albums that were released by British folk-rock group, Fairport Convention. This album has a more rocking feel than Unhalfbricking and I enjoyed this album because of that. The songs on this album are mostly traditional folk songs, arranged by members of the group. There are some originals too. They are the highlights for me. They include: Come All Ye (written by Sandy Denny and Ashley Hutchings) and Farewell, Farewell (written by Richard Thompson). Come All Ye is a rocking song and basically describes music and how it is made. Farewell, Farewell is the only mellow song on the album and Sandy Denny sings it so beautifully. Sandy Denny, like so many unbelievably great musicians, died far too young. But, she is remembered by many as having one of the greatest voices in British music. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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