Album #179 – Black Sabbath

Album #179

I had already heard most of the songs on this album before several times. And yet, it does not ever get old. I was headbanging to every song and pretending I was in Black Sabbath making this incredible music. This album is timeless to me and Black Sabbath will always have a place in my heart. Their songs and lyrics were dark but that does not diminish them. They were great musicians. Many do not know that they started out as a blues band. They even covered two songs from other blues bands (Evil Woman and Warning) on this album. The story of their signature sound goes like this. Guitarist Tommy Iommi had an accident at work and he destroyed his finger tips.  He had to wear leather covers on his fingertips. In order to play, he had to loosen and detune the strings on his guitar to relieve tension. Bassist Geezer Butler did the same on his bass. This created their legendary sound and helped define heavy metal. Many metal heads dismiss Black Sabbath as just a hard rock band. They cannot see their influence and how different they were in 1970. There was no other bands doing what Black Sabbath were doing. Deep Purple would eventually create a similar, yet distinct sound around the same time. Black Sabbath influenced many metal bands and many musicians in the genre of heavy metal are massive Sabbath fans and particularly love the 1970 to 1978 era of this band. Ozzy Osbourne was the lead singer and front man. His vocals are distinct and unique and are in their infancy. He sounds slightly different today. I really enjoyed this album and the album went by too fast!!! It was never boring and I was into the album the whole time. I recommend this album to anyone wanting to get into Black Sabbath along with Paranoid (which is also on the list). They are also a great starting point to get into heavy metal with. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

Next: Morrison Hotel by The Doors!!!!

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