Album #180 – Morrison Hotel

Album #180

I am not sure why this album was on the list. The Doors made better albums than this one, yet it is on the list. Anyway, I had not listened to it in quite some time so I was very happy to rediscover it. This album features some of The Doors biggest hits: Roadhouse Blues, Waiting For The Sun, Peace Frog and Blue Sunday. All of these tracks were played heavily on FM rock radio and still are played on rock stations to this day. Side one and side two have their own names. Side one is called Hard Rock Cafe and Side two is called Morrison Hotel. The Hard Rock Cafe chain actually takes it’s name from side one of this album. I think this album is included on the list because many critics saw this album as a comeback album for The Doors. Their previous album, The Soft Parade, was a commercial failure despite that album’s lead single, Touch Me, doing very well on the singles charts. This album is very bluesy but also reminiscent of their first three albums. Sides one and two could almost be considered mini concept albums or rock operas. But, that is not what they were going for. This album was a return to The Doors’ standing as a band who made good albums. Other highlights include: Land Ho!, Maggie M’Gill, Ship of Fools and Indian Summer (one of my favourite Doors’ songs). Overall, I give this album 4 out of 5.

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