Album #182 – Stephen Stills

Album #182

Out of all the solo albums that Stephen Stills has made, this is the most well-known. The album’s opening track, Love The One You’re With, is his biggest solo hit and I love that song. The rest of the album was just as good. I found out while researching this album that Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton both played guitar on tracks on this album and it is the only album in which both men did so. I liked this because Stills is a pretty underrated and good guitarist and for him to have two better guitarists on his first solo album is a bold move. The album also features backing vocals from David Crosby, Graham Nash, Cass Elliot, Rita Coolidge and John Sebastian. Booker T. Jones also plays organ and it lights up the album. Stills not only has folk and folk-rock sounds but he also has some gospel/soul sounding songs on this album. Every track was good and I am amazed at how good this album was. All of the solo albums that were released by the members of CSNY after their Deja Vu album were good and very underrated except for Neil Young’s solo albums from that time. I really enjoyed it and I will be adding this album to my collection. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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