Album #191 – Bryter Layter

Album #191

This album was quite different than I expected. While Nick Drake’s first and third albums have a distinct sound and theme throughout, this album does not. Each track is different from the one that preceded it. There are some instrumentals, a horn section, a sax solo here, a soulful female backing vocal there and A Fairport Convention collaboration for the win. This album is all over the place and it made this album very hard to listen to in just one sitting. I did not know what to make of this album and I still don’t have a clue of where to begin. With that point being made, this album does have it’s strong points. The song, Northern Sky, is one of my favorite Nick Drake songs. It is the perfect song for a relaxing, care free day. It is a peaceful, happy song amidst all of Drake’s sad, melancholy songs. That alone makes this album listenable. But, the rest of the songs on this album take some getting used to. I knew that even before I started listening to this album. Luckily, Drake’s third and final studio album is a stark contrast to this album. This album should be for those who really want to explore the work of Nick Drake. If you want an introduction, this album is not for you. This album shows just how eclectic Nick Drake could be with his songwriting and studio production. Overall, I give this album 3.5 out of 5.

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