Album #192 – Ananda Shankar

Album #192

This album was really good. I like the sitar and I love how it is incorporated into psychedelic music. The only thing I did not like about this album was the use of a Moog Synthesizer. It somewhat cheapens the album and makes it more over the top and cheesy than it should be. Also, it turns out Ananda Shankar is Ravi Shankar’s nephew. I love the way he mixes the Indian musical influences with guitars and rock music. It really shows how Eastern and Western sounds can unite. This album paved the way for world music and the uniting of cultures on albums such as: Paul Simon’s Graceland and some of Peter Gabriel’s music. There are two covers on this album: Jumping Jack Flash and Light My Fire. Shankar does a great job with these Western rock songs. He stays true to the melody but adds some sitar flourishes. But, the tracks that are really something are the original tracks. I really enjoyed this album and I will definitely be adding it to my collection. Other highlights include: Snow Flower, Metamorphosis (my favourite track off the album) and Sagar (The Ocean). Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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