Album #195 – Gasoline Alley

Album #195

This album was a stark contrast from yesterday’s album. I love Rod Stewart, especially his first four solo albums and the albums he did with Jeff Beck and Faces. This album is his second solo album. It features most of the members of Faces including Ron Wood, who would go on to play with The Rolling Stones. The songs on this album are quite unique. Stewart featured some of his own compositions mixed in with some of his favourite songs. Bobby Womack, Elton John and Bob Dylan are all covered on this album. Stewart does this extremely well and makes those covers his own. The sound of this album is a mixed bag of genres. There is some country, blues, r&b, a folk-rock sound similar to that of Fairport Convention and folk music. All of these sounds and influences combine to make one amazing sounding album. If you want to listen and admire any Rod Stewart albums, the first four solo albums are the way to go. They all sound amazing and are true and sincere, not manufactured and overproduced. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

Next: All Things Must Pass by George Harrison!!!!

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