Album #197 – Bridge Over Troubled Water

Album #197

This album was kind of disappointing to me. I had heard half of the songs off this album many times before. But, the tracks I had not heard before were disappointing. This album also had a kind of sad vibe to it. Simon & Garfunkel’s relationship was strained at this point and the album showed that. Shortly after this album was released, they broke up for the first time. They would reunite several times over the next several decades, and they even recorded and released a single together, but this would be their last studio album together. The production on this album can be described as epic and Spectoresque. The production and arrangements seem to bury the lyrics of Simon’s songs. I do enjoy the songs but I find Simon was playing around with the studio too much. On their own: Bridge Over Troubled Water, El Condor Pasa (If I Could), Cecelia, The Boxer and The Only Living Boy In New York are amazing songs. On this album, they are somewhat made inferior. This is somewhat sad for me as a Simon and Garfunkel fan. One neat thing about this album was a live cover version of Bye Bye Love. Even that live version felt overproduced to me. It sounded like they mixed a recording of an audience from one of The Beatles’ concerts with Simon, Garfunkel and backing musicians playing in the studio. Paul Simon would go on to a great solo career that still continues to this day. Simon is about to release a new album. Garfunkel had a few solo hits in the 70’s, but seemed lost without Simon’s songs. They sounded so good together but when they split up, a piece of the 60’s died. This album could have been so much better for me. It was not, unfortunately. Overall, I give this album 4 out of 5.

Next: Tea For The Tillerman by Cat Stevens!!!!

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