Album #198 – Tea For The Tillerman

Album #198

I love Cat Stevens and his music. He is a great songwriter and his music is very mellow but also very uplifting and has a bit of gospel music influences strewn in a times. Tea for The Tillerman is one of my favorite Cat Stevens albums. The other is Teaser and the Firecat (which is sadly not on the list). I have owned Tea for the Tillerman on CD for a couple of years now. It took me a couple of listens to get into but, after the third listen, I was hooked. The songs are somewhat simple but also have underlying meanings. Take Father and Son, for example. Father and Son is the ultimate Father’s Day song. It is such a sad song and it shows just how complicated a relationship between a father and a son can be.  Wild World is also on this album and is one of Cat Stevens’ most covered and recognizable songs. It is another classic song about love and how strained it can be. The subject matter of the song can also be described as parental love through a parent’s fears for their children in the real world. Other amazing tracks on this album include: Where Do The Children Play?, Sad Lisa, Miles From Nowhere, Longer Boats, Into White and the title track (which is also the theme of Ricky Gervais’ funny show, Extras). Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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