Album #201 – Sweet Baby James

Album #201

What can I say about this artist that has no longer been said? James Taylor is one of the best singer-songwriters of the last 40 years. He has had several well-known hits and he is still making music to this day. This album kicked that journey off. Many people think this album is his first album, it is not. Taylor recorded a self-titled album for Apple Records (yes, the same Apple Records that The Beatles own) in 1969. It was produced by George Harrison and features an early version of Carolina In My Mind. This album, released the following year and his first for Warner Bros. Records, was his breakthrough. It was one song that changed everything. That song was Fire and Rain. It was his first big hit and propelled James Taylor into music stardom. The title track was also a huge hit for Taylor and remains one of his signature songs. The rest of the album is good with a mixture of country, folk, pop and blues music. Two other tracks that were minor hits are: Country Road and Steamroller. A live version of Steamroller would be released on his Greatest Hits album and would become a minor hit. Taylor also does a great bluesy cover of Oh! Susanna. One song of note is the song Suite For 20 G. It was written after Taylor needed one more song in order to finish the album. Taylor would get $20,000 from his record company once the record was finished. The song is a mixture of jazz and soul with Taylor doing an impression of James Brown near the end of that track. Overall, this album is classic James Taylor and it is a must have along with his third album. Overall, I give this album 4 out of 5.

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