Album #202 – McCartney

Album #202

The story behind this album is quite unique. Paul McCartney actually plays all of the instruments on this album. The release of this album coincided with the Beatles breaking up. The other members of the Beatles wanted McCartney to delay the release of this album. He refused and he even kicked Ringo out of his house for suggesting this. He even recorded the album under a pseudonym in order to keep it a secret. The album’s first track, The Lovely Linda, was the first track he ever recorded. From there, he started to play around and write songs and instrumentals. This album really shows McCartney’s skill as a musician. There were not to many albums released during this time where one artist played all of the instruments. Most of the music was OK on this album. It really shows how bad McCartney did at making albums. He only, in my opinion, did one album right (Band On The Run). All of his other albums are OK at best. But, when it came to hit singles, McCartney was the best. Maybe I’m Amazed became an instant hit for McCartney and it is my favorite song from his solo career. To me, it is the ultimate love song and it captures the great relationship that he and Linda had. There are some other gems on here. They are: Junk, Man We Was Lonely and Teddy Boy. The rest of the album is very uneven and not very good. John and George were better at making albums than McCartney was. But, boy could he write hit songs. Overall, I give this album 2.5 out of 5. Maybe I’m Amazed gets a 6 out of 5. It is a diamond in the rough.

Next: Abraxas by Santana!!!!

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