Album #205 – Aqualung

Album #205

As cliched as Jethro Tull is in the music business, I loved this album. It rocked right up until the end. I still cannot forget when Jethro Tull defeated Metallica for the best metal album Grammy in 1989. It was a priceless and ironic moment. Ian Anderson has such a unique voice. His flute playing is also distinct. The flute adds to the sound of Jethro Tull. This album deals mostly with religion and many of the album’s songs criticize organized religion. You would never know listening to these songs. They are not angry. They are mostly folky but with an electric guitar, bass, drums, flute and piano. Locomotive Breath, Cross-Eyed Mary and the title track are this album’s most well known songs. They are all still played on classic rock stations to this day. Jethro Tull would move away from religion as the subject matter for the follow-ups to this album, but their songs would still have a message and a point of view. As for the music on this album, it was never dull or boring. It was just perfect. Not too exciting, not too dull. Just right, as Goldilocks would say. I really enjoyed this album and I will definitely be adding it to my collection. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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