Album #209 – The Yes Album

Album #209

Ahhhhh, YES….this album is pure prog rock gold (no pun intended…LOL!!!). I really enjoyed this album. This album is the first of Yes’ three landmark albums: The Yes Album, Fragile and Close to the Edge. I believe all of these albums are on the album list. This album is classic Yes. Jon Anderson has an angelic voice and it is one of those voices that I can never get tired of. This band seems to create beautiful soundscapes within their music. They are also a great group of musicians. This same form of rock music would be something that many punk rock bands would rebel against later in this decade. Yes, some progressive rock was cheesy. But, in the early seventies, it was amazing. The thing that I love about Yes is that their brand of progressive rock was very melodic. There made amazing pop songs. But, they also knew how to expand the musical boundaries, much like Marvin Gaye did with What’s Going On. They added jazz and classical influences into their music. The biggest hits off this album are I’ve Seen All Good People (one of my favourite Yes songs), Starship Trooper and Yours Is No Disgrace. The album cuts are also good. The only song that I did not really like was Clap. It is an acoustic guitar instrumental recorded at one of their shows and written and performed by guitarist Steve Howe. I did not like the song because it was recorded live and you can hear people talking as Howe is playing. That annoyed me somewhat. The song would have been better if it was recorded in the studio. Other than that song, this album was amazing. I have already listened to Fragile and I am looking forward to listening to it again. I also cannot wait to listen to Close to the Edge. If this album is any indication, those albums should also be amazing. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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