Album #211 – Who’s Next

This album has special meaning to me. It was the first “real” album that I ever bought with my own money. I was fourteen at the time and it was the summer of 2002. I was visiting my aunt in Calgary and we decided to go to Edmonton to visit West Edmonton Mall. While we were there, we decided to stop into the massive chain record store that was in the mall. This store shall remain nameless. When I went into the store I was instantly drawn to the rock/pop section and I started looking for The Who. I found one of the many greatest hits compilations that The Who have released over the years. I was secretly hoping to find Who’s Next. Bassist John Entwhistle died a few months before in June and one of the musical specialty channels on t.v. started airing anything that they had about The Who. One of those things was an episode of Classic Albums about the making of Who’s Next. I watched that whole weekend just so that I could see that episode again and again. After that weekend in June, my life changed forever. I knew I had to have that album. It also changed the kind of music I was listening to. Prior to that summer, I was listening to top 40 music. That is the kind of music everyone else was listening to. It was through that channel, MuchMoreMusic, that I started to discover real music: U2, Neil Young, The Beatles, The Stones and The Who. It was the first place I heard of The Who. A few months before Entwhistle’s death, the same channel had a music video block weekend. They played a block of videos from The Who and one of them was Won’t Get Fooled Again. I could not believe how manic Keith Moon was behind the kit. The song was amazing!!! After Entwhistle’s death and watching that program over and over again made me respect and appreciate the who. Anyway, back to the music store. Flipping through The Who section, I came across a copy of Who’s Next. It was $9.99 and I was so happy. It was the shortest time I have ever spent in a record store. Finding that album was enough for me. So I bought it and we listened to it all the way back to Calgary. I would listen to that album all the way through many times that summer and into the fall. It became and still is my favorite album of all time. Many of the songs on this album were supposed to be a part of a rock opera follow-up to Tommy. The only problem was that Pete Townshend only understood the concept. The other members agreed that the songs were good and that they should at least be recorded. The album’s title is also a pun. I discovered this days after I bought it but nobody believed me. Who’s Next also refers to what the band members are doing on the front cover. My apologies if I offend anyone but the members have all taken a piss in front of the large, concrete thing on the front. Who’s Next refers to Who’s Next to take a piss. If you look closely, you can see the band members zipping up their flys!!!! (hahahaha!!!) Again, my apologies to anyone I offended. The title also refers to The Who’s next album. This album is solid from start to finish. It never falters and rocks out all the way through. Dare I say, it is better than any album they have done before or since. I even like it better than Tommy. The big songs of this album are: Baba O’Riley (also the Theme to CSI: New York), Behind Blue Eyes and Won’t Get Fooled Again ( also the Theme to CSI: Miami). But, the deep cuts are just as good. This album for me will never lose its coolness. I can honestly say that if I could only take a few albums on a desert island, this would be the top choice. Overall, I give this album a rare, but deserved 10 out of 10. I recommend it to anyone who wants to experience just how amazing The Who were.

Next: Tapestry by Carole King!!!

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