Album #213 – Shaft: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Album #213

This album was just what I expected it to be. I was very familiar with Theme From Shaft (vocal) and The End Theme which are both the same song. There was a remake of Shaft back in 2000 that stared Samuel L. Jackson. Hayes was asked to do the music for that film. That is where I first became familiar with the title track. The rest of the album is much the same. It is very funky with wah-wah guitar and horn sections. It is very much emblematic of the seventies. Shaft is a film of course and this is one of the few film soundtracks on the list. Shaft was a part of the controversial film genre called blaxploitation. Shaft and the other films in that genre were films specifically made for a black, urban audience. Shaft was a pioneer in that genre and the genre was derided by the NAACP and other groups for the stereotypes the films portrayed. The music also is in a sense stereotypical but not only of blaxploitation films but of seventies crime shows as well, such as Starksy and Hutch. This album is important because it was one of the first soundtracks from a film to feature funk and soul music. While Hot Buttered Soul is better than this album, I do respect the influence this album and film have had on filmmakers and musicians. Overall, I give this album 4 out of 5

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