Album #214 – At Fillmore East

Album #214

Whenever I listen to this album, it makes me happy and I smile inside. It is because of the musicianship on this album. This is somehow lost in today’s music business. These guys were very tight and could play well together. But, they could also take one of their songs and take it in a totally different direction from where it started. There are not very many bands who could do that and can do that. The members of The Allman Brothers Band were musicians first, rock stars second. They were really just normal guys who loved to play the blues. One thing that I dislike about The Allman Brothers Band is that they are lumped into the Southern Rock genre of rock music. While their roots are in Georgia, to call The Allman Brothers Band a Southern Rock band is a disservice to that band and the genre itself. They were so much more talented than any Southern Rock band. They could play and jam in blues, folk, jazz, rock and r&b styles. Duane Allman was an amazing slide guitar player and one of the best slide players I have ever heard. This album proves that. It is a shame that live music is not this good anymore. It seems that this style of live performance died when punk rock reared its ugly head. Now, I do not have anything against punk music. I love punk music too. But, I just find that punk rock ruined musicianship in rock and roll. The jam band seemed to die really with the death of Jerry Garcia in 1995. Yes, the Allman Brothers Band and other jam bands are still touring, but their shows are not as magical as this album was for me. It is a shame but this album shows how live music could be and for that reason, I love this album!!! Overall, I give this album 5.5 out of 5.

Next: Sticky Fingers by The Rolling Stones!!!!

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