Album #219 – L.A. Woman

Album #219

This album is somewhat personal to me. It is the first album by The Doors that I ever bought. I wanted to buy their self-titled debut album (which is also on the list!!!) but the store I went to did not have it at the time and it seemed impossible to find. So I settled on L.A. Woman. I only knew three songs: the title track, Love Her Madly and Riders on the Storm. I was kind of disappointed and creeped out by the rest of the album’s tracks. They sounded different than any of the songs by The Doors that I had heard before. So, I started listening to it over and over again. Then, I began to get it and I started liking this album. This became my second favorite Doors album. I love that they explore Blues more on this album than any of their previous albums. Most of the songs on here are very bluesy. This album is also one of the few albums they did that credits session bass players. The Doors had at least one session bass player on every album they did. It was to tighten up the bass sound. Ray Manzarek was also playing bass via a Fender Bass Keyboard. This album also has special significance because it is the last Doors studio album to feature Jim Morrison. He would die months after this album’s release. The rest of the band’s members would continue to record but it just was not the same. Morrison ended his time with The Doors amazingly well. This album is not sad, but happy and the blues are all over it. That is what makes this one of the Doors best albums. It does take a while to get into but once you do, nothing they did compares to this album. Riders on the Storm alone, is worth the price of admission. Other highlights include: The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat), Hyacinth House, The Changeling, Been Down So Long and Cars Hiss By My Window. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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