Album #224 – Tarkus

Album #224

I love progressive rock. I know that Progressive Rock is somewhat cheesy and big and can be a bunch of musicians showing off. Emerson, Lake and Palmer were more than that. Yes, they were all amazing musicians. But, they also wrote good songs. Greg Lake’s voice is perfect for their music. Keith Emerson is a keyboard genius and is one of my favorite rock keyboardists. Carl Palmer is also a great drummer. Unlike most, he never showed off and he knew how to play his instrument within the framework of a trio. So, I knew that this album would be something special. It was very special. The album starts off with a twenty minute suite called Tarkus. It is broken up into seven parts with unique names. Side two features another seven tracks. All of these tracks sound just like any other ELP song. But, the surprise for me was Are You Ready Eddy? It was a song dedicated to their engineer, Eddie Offord. The track is very different from any song I have ever heard from ELP. It sounds like a very early rock and roll song. They are just rocking on this song. The lyrics are all about their engineer and almost seem like double entendres. That track alone makes this album worth picking up. Lake’s roots in King Crimson are also on this album. During many parts of the album, it almost sounded as if the songs were a continuation of In The Court of Crimson King. Overall, I really enjoyed this album and I give it 5 out of 5.

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