Album #225 – Led Zeppelin IV a.k.a Untitled a.k.a. Four Symbols a.k.a The Fourth Album a.k.a Zoso a.k.a. The Runes a.k.a The Hermit

Album #225

This album is one of the greatest albums in rock and roll history. It is one of my favorite albums of all-time and it is one of those albums where every song is good and is still played (TO DEATH!!!! LOL) on classic rock and active rock radio stations. This was Led Zeppelin’s breakthrough album. The previous three albums were all good but this album gave Led Zeppelin a massive audience. So many amazing Led Zeppelin songs are on this album including their signature song and biggest hit, Stairway to Heaven. That song is a legend unto itself. I can remember the first time  that I heard Stairway. I did not like it. The flutes at the beginning made the song cheesy. But, it grew on me. It is one of the best rock songs that has ever been written. But, sadly, it is overplayed. There was even a radio station in Los Angeles in the late 90’s who promised their listeners they would never play Stairway to Heaven. Below is an SCTV sketch in the form of a K-Tel Commercial which shows a tribute album to Stairway to Heaven called, Stairways to Heaven. It is hilarious and a must see. Enjoy!!!

This album also has many different names. I am not sure why. If only this band put the name on the front cover, the identity crisis would be solved. I really enjoyed listening to this album and it is a must have in any good music and record collection. Other highlights include: The Battle of Evermore (the only Led Zeppelin song to feature another singer, the late great Sandy Denny!!!!), Rock and Roll, Going to California, When The Levee Breaks and Misty Mountain Hop. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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