Album #226 – Histoire de Melody Nelson

Album #226

The first thing that came to mind when listening to this album was that it sounded like a French version of The Velvet Underground especially the first and last tracks of this album. Other parts of this album sounded like typical French chanson music, but not too over the top like Jacques Brel. I am sure that these songs were just as dirty as Brel’s though. This album is telling a story and the title of the album translated into English is Story of Melody Nelson. Melody must be English and from what I can gather from the songs and album cover, she is pretty sexy and loves to make passionate love to a beautiful man who in this case in Gainsbourg. There is even a song where it sounds like Nelson is having an orgasm!!!! This defines Gainsbourg’s work. He was always pushing the envelope creatively. I had read about one duet he did with his daughter Charlotte in the early 80’s called Lemon Incest in which the song described a sexual encounter between Gainsbourg and a young girl. There was even a video made for that song. When I found out about that, I could not look at Gainsbourg the same way again. CREEEEEPYYYY!!!! Anyway, if you look past that, it is a pretty good album. Overall, I give this album 4 out of 5.

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