Album #227 – Every Picture Tells A Story

Album #227

This is my favourite Rod Stewart album of all-time. His first four albums, in my opinion, are the best of his career. The only album that equals the first four, for me, is his 1993 live album, Unplugged and Seated. Many of this album’s tracks are featured on Unplugged and Seated. This album was historical as much as it was good. It was the first album to be number one on the UK and US album charts at the same time as well as have the number one single on both charts from the same album, at the same time. Confusing? Yes, but very historical.  This album is very rootsy and based in country. Most of the members of Stewart’s band, Faces appear on this album including Ron Wood who would later go on to be in The Rolling Stones as their rhythm guitarist ( a role he holds to this day). Stewart’s biggest song, Maggie May, is on this album. Also featured here are some amazing covers including: a great version of Bob Dylan’s Tomorrow Is A Long Time, (I Know) I’m Losing You (Originally done by the Isley Brothers), That’s All Right (Originally done by Elvis), Amazing Grace and Reason To Believe (Originally written and recorded by Tim Hardin). A neat story about the album’s first single goes like this: Reason to Believe was originally the A side of this album’s first single in the UK. The A side is usually the side of a 45 RPM single that got airplay. Several disc jockeys decided to check out the song on the other side which was Maggie May. They liked it better than Reason to Believe, so they started playing it and it took off. Maggie May became Stewart’s first number one hit in the US and UK. That song alone, made this album Stewart’s biggest selling album, at the time. I own this album on vinyl and it had been a little while since I had listened to it. I really enjoyed it once again and this album proves just how good Stewart was. After his next album, Never A Dull Moment, Stewart suffered a creative downfall which he has not recovered from. His first four albums are the best and if you are not a big fan of Roddie, you will like his first four solo albums. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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