Album #230 – Blue

Album #230

While this is not my favorite album by Joni Mitchell, it is one of her most critically acclaimed albums. I like and have always liked about half of this album. Mitchell’s voice is too high for me on some of these tracks. You can almost hear the anxiety in her voice. I feel that the three albums that proceed this album: Song To A Seagull, Clouds and Ladies Of The Canyon are much better. But, that does not mean that there are gems on this album. There are many gems. All I Want, Little Green, River, The Last Time I Saw Richard, Carey and This Flight Tonight are amazing songs. Even though I cringe at some of Mitchell’s singing on A Case Of You, the lyrics are amazing and reference Canada. Joni Mitchell, along with Cohen and many other Canadian singer-songwriters, provided the World with a great amount of Canadian talent and showed the World what Canadians can produce in an artistic sense. The rest of the songs on this album: My Old Man, California (somewhat) and the title track (somewhat) I did not like. Mitchell was trying to hard to sing too high. There should have been at least one of her previous three albums on the list. She sounded more relaxed on the previous three albums. But, Blue would set the template for the rest of her career. Overall, I give this album 4 out of 5.

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