Album #231 – Maggot Brain

Album #231

This album literally blew my mind!!!! I was in awe while I was listening to this album. It is amazing. The sounds on this album are a mixture of funk, gospel, r&b, rock and psychedelic rock. I am amazed that most rock stations do not even play the title track or Super Stupid. But, all of this album’s tracks are amazing. I do not have much else to say about this album other than I liked all of its tracks and I am still in awe. The title track alone makes this album a classic. Legend has it that George Clinton told lead guitarist Eddie Hazell to play like his mother had just died and then come back to life. What results is one of the most amazing and greatest guitar solos I have ever heard. It blows away most of what I have heard so far in my short life. Hazell reminded me of Hendrix on that track. I am sure Hendrix’s spirit was with him. The other great thing about this album is that each track is different from the preceding track. The album reminded me of Sly and The Family Stone with an edge and this album makes Sly and The Family Stone pale in comparison. Sly Stone might have had the chart success but Funkadelic had the better album. It was almost like listening to a funk version of Sgt. Peppers and Pink Floyd. I will definitely be adding this album sooner, rather than later. Overall, I give this album 6 out of 5.

Next: Pearl by Janis Joplin

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