Album #237 – John Prine

Album #237

There are not enough good things I can say about John Prine. The man is a legend. I mean, when he came to  Halifax in the late 90’s or early 00’s, they had to add a second show because the first one sold out. He has a large fan base and, in my opinion is one of the greatest songwriters of the last forty years. This album proves that. Prine is still making albums and touring. He is still writing songs. But, some of his most famous songs are the ones on this album. Angel From Montgomery is a classic and has been covered by many artists including Bonnie Raitt, who made it famous. The other unique thing about this album is that is was produced by Arif Mardin. When I found this out, I was amazed. Mardin is famous for working with the Bee Gees in the mid to late 70’s as well as Phil Collins. Mardin did not overproduce this album at all. He was probably there to guide Prine. He knew what kind of sound he wanted and Mardin delivered it. Prine also collaborated with fellow singer-songwriter Steve Goodman on two tracks. The sound is a mixture of folk, folk-rock, country, country rock and blues. Prine’s songs are a mixture of funny, happy, sad and angry. He touches on a wide range of emotions and he does it so well. I now have the utmost respect for John Prine after this album, I was glad this album was on the album list, I am glad he is still writing, recording and performing AND I will be adding this album soon to my collection. It is a classic gem and should never be forgotten. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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