Album #239 – Electric Warrior

Album #239

This is Glam Rock at it’s finest. Marc Bolan personified the look and sound of Glam Rock. And boy do T. Rex kick ass. Their only American hit, Get It On, is on this album. It is a shame that they did not get more airplay on radio in the U.S. They were a very good rock band and had great, catchy songs They had some memorable and very big hits in the U.K. including 20th Century Boy and Children of The Revolution. T. Rex died just as the punk revolution was getting off the ground. Bolan died in a motorcycle accident and the band broke up. This album captures the spirit they had. In my mind, T. Rex helped shape glam rock and define it. Many of the other glam rock bands were copy cats. Their songs are catchy yet Bolan’s voice is unique and immediately recognizable. He sounds slightly like Donovan but has a voice all its own. The tracks mostly rock on this album, although there are a few mellower tracks. I really enjoyed this album and this album is another in an endless string of albums on the list that I will be adding to my collection. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

Next: Hunky Dory by David Bowie!!!

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