Album #241 – Sail Away

Album #241

This album is Randy Newman at his finest. His songs are like stories but deep inside them are scathing social commentary and satire. Newman’s songs feel so real that many misinterpret their meanings. Newman does just that here. Most of the songs on here are ballad-type songs with lush string arrangements and Newman’s jazzy piano playing. But, Newman also explores other genres including blues rock. He uses Ry Cooder on slide guitar on a few tracks as well. This surprised me because I never knew Cooder worked with Newman. It was a delight to find one of my favourite guitarists working with an amazing songwriter. That made the album even better than it already was. There were some amazing including: Sail Away, He Gives Us All His Love, Political Science and Last Night I Had A Dream. Some just fall flat. I enjoyed the good songs on this album but the dull ones made the album slightly boring. Overall, this album is good and Randy Newman is a phenominal storyteller and songwriter. Overall, I give this album 4 out of 5.

Next: Machine Head by Deep Purple!!!!

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