Album #244 – Black Sabbath Vol. 4

Album #244

I’m not quite sure why this album was on the list but I’m glad it was included. This, naturally, is Black Sabbath’s fourth album. The only semi-well known song on this album is Changes mainly because it was covered by Ozzy and his daughter Kelly about 8 years ago. The rest of this album has no “hits” at all. But, that does not diminish it in any way. This album, like Machine Head, rocks all the way through. For the first time, this band added acoustic guitars into the mix but only sparingly. Laguna Sunrise is a prime example of this and that song reminds me of Jefferson Airplane’s Embryonic Journey. Snowblind, Tomorrow’s Dream and Wheels of Confusion/The Straightener were some of my favourites off of this album. I own Black Sabbath Vol. 4 on CD but I have never listened to this album all the way through. I am so glad that I own it and this album is just as good as Black Sabbath’s previous three albums. It is amazing that a band like this can release four amazing albums in only two years!!!! Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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