Album #245 – Can’t Buy A Thrill

Album #245

This is Steely Dan’s first album. It is very different from the rest of their output. Donald Fagen does not sing lead vocals on all of the tracks. David Palmer sings on some of the album’s tracks, including the hit Dirty Work, and Jim Hodder sings lead on Midnite Cruiser. Walter Becker also shares lead vocals on the albums final track, Turn That Heartbeat Over Again. Palmer left Steely Dan before their second album was released. Palmer actually would sing lead on all of their songs in concerts to promote this album due to Fagen’s refusal to sing live. That changed after Palmer left. This album is a mixture of the classic Steely Dan sound and some unexpected detours into country, latin and hard rock sounds. Reelin’ In The Years, Dirty Work and Do It Again were all major hits off this album and are still played on radio stations to this day. But, the album tracks were also good. Steely Dan’s sound certainly evolved after this album into a more jazz-rock sound but their funny lyrics and arrangements stayed the same. I enjoyed this album but there are many albums by Steely Dan that are better but none of their albums are really bad. That is what makes Steely Dan so good. Musicianship is valued above all else. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

Next: Harvest by Neil Young!!!!

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