Album #249 – Made In Japan

Album #249

This album is literally THE best live rock album of all-time. This album is unique during this time period because there are no overdubs and no edits of songs on this album. Everything is recorded LIVE and as it happened. This album was recorded on their small Japanese tour for Machine Head. This album represents Deep Purple’s musical peak and it is captured brilliantly on this album. Another cool thing about this album is that each song fades out at the end. This signifies the fact that each track on this album was recorded at a different show on their Japanese tour. Most live albums do not do this. They instead string each song together like a concert would be. The Allman Brothers Band also did faded out some tracks on their live album, At Filmore East, but not to the extent that Deep Purple did on Made In Japan. My favorite thing about this album is the level of musicianship. If you think that Deep Purple are just another band, listen to this album. It is very inspirational and awe inspiring but it also shows just how amazingly good a hard rock band can be with the right musicians. Each musician in this incarnation of Deep Purple (Mark II) is a phenomenally good musician. The interplay between the five members is captured brilliantly on this album. It also shows just how good a singer Ian Gilliam is. He can scream-sing better than anybody else. By not being edited down or overdubbed, you get the full essence of Deep Purple live and in the flesh. Most live rock albums do not achieve this. For those reasons, Made In Japan is my favorite rock live album of all-time. It is so good that I never stop listening to it and I continue to love that album to this day. If you really want to hear rock music live the way it was meant to be heard, pick up this album!!!! Overall, I give this album 6 out of 5.

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