Album #250 – Close to the Edge

Album #250

This album was needed after the day I had today. It was so mellow and relaxing yet this album causes you to stop what you are doing and listen. Yes is one of those bands that gets it’s fair share of praise and flack. But, the classic period of Yes from 1969 through 1972 is phenomenal and inspiring music. They did everything they could musically and more during that time. What sets Yes apart from other progressive rock bands is their vocal harmonies. While researching Yes, I found out that many of the original members loved vocal pop music and vocal groups such as Simon and Garfunkel. It was this small thing that set Yes apart from other Prog Rock bands. I love Progressive Rock as a genre because each Prog Rock group had a unique sound and although most of their influences were the same, there were a few differences that set each band apart. This album only has three songs. The title track is very mellow throughout and takes the listener on a journey through musical landscapes that had not been present in Yes’ previous albums. The second track, And You And I, was a continuation of this journey but with religious overtones. I could hear echoes of organ church music in this song but it also has an amazing bass part. The album’s final track, Siberian Khatru, has some Middle eastern sounds mixed in with their trademark sound. After listening to this album, I felt refreshed but also my mind was opened a bit. I do not know why Progressive was and still is seen as a bad word in rock. Progressive Rock became bloated in the mid to late 70’s. There was too much emphasis on this genre as a whole in rock music and that is why Punk flourished. Punk is simple but complex. I like Punk for the same reasons that I like the early period of Progressive Rock, individuality. Each Punk band and artist was unique and so were the progressive rock bands originally. Yes was one of the best because they did it their own way and stayed true to their sound and that is what makes them Progressive Rock legends. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

Next: Transformer by Lou Reed!!!!

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