Album #254 – Something/Anything?

Album #254

Something/Anything? is Todd Rundgren’s most known album. It is a long one but it does not ever get boring. Each song is different and Rundgren is a pop music genius on this album. Rundgren is so talented and he showcases that by playing every instrument and singing lead and backing vocals on the first three sides of the album. He does it better than almost anyone else who has played everything on one of their albums. Rundgren would do this off and on throughout his career. Side four features studio musicians including Saxophonist Michael Brecker, the late Ben Keith,  Rick Derringer and Amos Garrett. Actor Edward James Olmos  is also on one track on side four doing backing vocals!!!! I found that to be the coolest thing about this album. The main point about this album is that it features two of Todd Rundgren’s biggest hits, I Saw The Light and Hello It’s Me. These are two pop masterpieces. I love both of these songs to death and they both represent Something/Anything’s sound as a whole.  This album is somewhat different from other albums I have heard from this period. Some of the tracks feature Rundgren talking at the beginning with the musicians or the engineer. I found this to be amusing. The first track on side two, Intro, features Rundgren showing the different sounds of things that could go wrong in a recording studio. I did not expect this at all and found it to be one of my favorite parts on this album. The musical sound of Something/Anything? varies from Ballads and mellow singer-songwriter soft rock to rocking, heavy guitar-laden romps. The lyrics vary as well. Most of the album’s songs are about love but some are about social issues (Some Folks Is Even Whiter Than Me) and tributes to rock and roll heroes (Wolfman Jack). There is even a two song melody (Overture – My Roots: Money (That’s What I Want)/Messin’ With The Kid) which instantly reminded me of Rundgren’s work with his band The Nazz, which preceded his solo career. This album might have been a long one but is definitely worth a listen. Each song is different from the previous one and Rundgren did a great job in keeping this album interesting from start to finish. I own this album on vinyl and I am so glad I bought it a couple of years ago. Now having listened to it, I can really appreciate it. Other highlights include: Cold Morning Light, Sweeter Memories, Marlene, Black Maria (One of the best kick ass songs ever!!!!), One More Day (No Word), Couldn’t I Just Tell You, Torch Song, Dust In The Wind and You Left Me Sore. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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