Album #258 – The Slider

Album #258

This album turned out to be another great album from T. Rex!!! Their third studio album, The Slider continues the definitive sound of T. Rex’s second album, Electric Warrior. Most of the album’s songs are very upbeat with string arrangements on some of the tracks. Marc Bolan is in fine form here. His voice and songwriting are really good. The only song I did not really care for was this album’s final track, Main Man. Every other track was as good as the one before and after it. T. Rex’s music really makes you feel good and alive. Their music has lots of energy and excitement. Glam rock’s sound was very much like this but, I feel that T. Rex was a band that stood alone. When I hear the string arrangements and wailing, high-pitched backing vocals, I instantly associate them with T. Rex. Most of the other Glam Rock bands were, in my opinion, ripping of T. Rex in many ways. This band had a style and sound that was their own. Every other band wanted to be them. That is what makes this album and Electric Warrior so amazing in my opinion. Highlights include: Metal Guru, Telegram Sam, Rock On and The Slider. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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