Album #260 – Eagles

Album #260

I am somewhat surprised that the debut album from The Eagles is on this list. But, it turns out this album made country rock commercial and added an element to the singer-songwriter movement that would continue until the end of the decade: vocal harmonies. The Eagles spawned the way for the other vocal pop groups of the 1970’s. This album also made country accessible in a rock context. But, The Eagles were not the only ones to do this. Neil Young also did it brilliantly on Harvest, released the same year as this album. But, it was The Eagles with their vocal harmonies that took it to the next level. This album contains three of The Eagles biggest hits: Peaceful Easy Feeling, Witchy Woman and Take It Easy (co-written by Jackson Browne). Many of the album tracks are also good and showcase the different sides of this band: straight up rock, bluegrass influenced country, amazing ballads and country-rock.  I really enjoyed hearing this album and it has inspired me to go back and listen to their back catalog. Yes, some of the album tracks are not that good but many of the songs on this album are just as good as the “hits” that we all know. Other highlights include: Most Of Us Are Sad,  Train Leaves Here This Morning, Take The Devil and Earlybird (the chirping sounds at the beginning made me laugh my ass off!!!) Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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