Album #262 – Pink Moon

Album #262

Sadly, this was the last album Nick Drake recorded before his sudden death in 1974. It was recorded at his home in England and differs from this other two albums because the only accompaniment is an acoustic guitar, played by Drake, and piano, also played by Drake, on the title track. This album was therefore, very simple. The production allows you to listen to the songs. Drake’s lyrics are very peaceful and calm, but they also long for lost love and happier times. Several of the songs on this album have been used on commercials in recent years including: the title track and Road. Which Will has been covered by many artists including Lucinda Williams. This is the only album of Drake’s that I own on CD and it is my favorite. It is so simple and it shows that Drake did not have to do much with his music. The simple production causes the listener to listen to the lyrics of the songs and interpret them the way you want to. Drake’s previous two albums did not do that as well. One could easily get lost in the production on those two albums. That is not the case here. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5

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