Album #264 – Roxy Music

Album #264

This album was infinity times better than I expected. The blog that influenced this challenge ( and it’s participant and author, Liz, influenced my opinion on this album. She did not like it and the people who commented on her review said that this album was very different from the rest of Roxy Music’s output. So, my opinion of this album was very negative because I had never heard it before. This is the last time use the opinions and advise of others to form my opinion on an album I have never heard before. (Sorry Liz) Listening to this album and thinking about it afterward, made me realize I can’t go into a new album with the opinions of others. That is how I am going to approach this challenge from now on. Because I did not know what this album sounded like I was pleasantly surprised. From the opening notes of Re-Make/Re-Model, I knew this album was something special. The sound of Roxy Music’s later material, evolved from their first album. As a fan of Roxy Music, I can see where the sound of this album evolved into their next albums and singles. This album was very eclectic sounded. There were various different influences strewn all over the place. Half the time, I cannot even tell that it’s Bryan Ferry singing. He had not developed his “voice” yet. This album was a great listen and it was just what I needed for my busy first day in my new home. Before I conclude I should let you know that the album challenge will continue on a sporadic basis. Not because I don’t want to, but because the program I am starting in a few days requires a great deal of work and focus and takes much of my free time. Blog posts will still appear from time to time and I have no set time to finish this. I have already learned so much about music and there is still so much to come. Anyway, back to the album. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

Next: School’s Out by Alice Cooper

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