Album #265 – School’s Out

Album #265

I was not really familiar with this album before listening to it. It’s kind of ironic that I’m listening to this album before I return to school after a year off. The title track was the only song I knew and it is a perfect album opener. The rest of the album was equally as good and drew on the theme of school as a concept for this album. This album also has an unlikely Canadian connection. Toronto’s Bob Ezrin produced this album and it was one of his first forays into rock producing. He also produced Kiss’s Destroyer and co-produced Pink Floyd’s The Wall. This album is a typical Ezrin production: over the top and larger than life with orchestral arrangements and Broadway elements to create Ezrin’s signature sound. The album itself went by too fast!!! I was doing some stuff to prepare for school and the album flew by. It is only thirty seven minutes, but I felt it was too fast. I did enjoy it and even though Billion Dollar Babies is Cooper’s best album, School’s Out is a nice hidden gem. Overall, I give this album 4 out of 5.

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